Heritage City

State Heritage Committee & Technical Heritage Committee

Heritage Cell - SHC & THC

Institutional framework -Three tier institutional framework –

  • State Heritage Committee
  • Technical heritage Committee
  • Heritage Cell

State Heritage Committee –

The Committee primarily facilitates the heritage management agenda at the State level. The main role of the Committee is to coordinate amongst various different departments/agencies and to facilitate, approve, and sanction various plans, proposals to administer the Heritage Fund and other activities etc. on behalf of the State Government.

The composition for the State Heritage Committee is as follows:

1 Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Chairperson
2 MLA, HawaMahal and MLA, Kishanpol, Jaipur Members
3 Hon’ble Mayor, Jaipur Members
4 Secretary–in-Charge, Urban Development and Housing, GoR, Jaipur Members
5 Secretary–in-Charge, Local Self Governance, GoR, Jaipur Members
6 Secretary–in-Charge, Art, Culture and Tourism, GoR, Jaipur. Members
7 Secretary–in-Charge, Devsthan Department, GoR, Jaipur. Members
8 Secretary–in-Charge, Transport, GoR, Jaipur. Members
9 Secretary–in-Charge, Department of Information Technology and Communication, GoR, Jaipur Members
10 Secretary–in-Charge, Public Works Department, GoR, Jaipur. Members
11 Secretary–in-Charge, Public Health Engineering and Water Resources, GoR, Jaipur Members
12 Secretary–in-Charge, Handloom and Industries, GoR, Jaipur. Members
13 Commissioner, Jaipur Development Authority, Jaipur. Members
14 Commissioner of Police, Jaipur Members
15 Commissioner, Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Jaipur. Members
16 Director, Rajasthan State Archaeology and Museums, GoR, Jaipur. Members
17 Chief Town Planner, GoR, Jaipur Members
18 Joint Director General, World Heritage, ASI, New Delh Members
19 Residents Welfare Association/ representatives of Walled City, Jaipur (max 02 members) Members
20 Representatives of Market Association in the Walled City, Jaipur (max 02 members) Members
21 Convener, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) Jaipur Members
22 Historians – Dr. Rima Hooja & Dr. Giles Tillotson, Jaipur Members
23 Director, Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur Members
24 Director, MNIT, Jaipur Members
25 Director, DRONAH (Consultant for the Jaipur Nomination Dossier) Members

Technical Heritage Committee –

Roles and Responsibilities of the Technical Heritage Committee: -

  • To manage heritage databank based on the Heritage inventorying.
  • To prepare Heritage guidelines.
  • To provide support and input for the preparation of Zonal Development Plan of spatial development plans.
  • To prepare and formulate schemes for heritage tourism, including setting up amenities around the heritage site, and conducive transport and connectivity in consultation with concerned authorities.
  • To establish training programs on methodology for conservation techniques in collaboration with institutions having such expertise or other institutions including Archaeological Survey of India, any Government Department, Educational Institutes/Private Universities of National repute providing education & training in Heritage Conservation and Management. The Technical Heritage Committee shall have power to coordinate and conduct such training by inviting these institutions.
  • To enter into an agreement with a private entity for the conservation and adaptive re-use of the heritage assets.
  • To make recommendations to the competent authority for grant of permissions.
  • To facilitate partnerships between inter departments and external agencies to promote cultural economies.
  • To oversee the working of the Heritage Cell.
  • To consider the impact of large-scale developmental projects, including public projects as essential that may be proposed in the Heritage area/Conservation area and make recommendations in respect thereof to the competent authority/concerned agency.

The composition of Technical Heritage Committee is as follows:-

1 Secretary, LSG  Chairperson & Member Secretary 
2 Chief Town Planner, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur Member 
3 Expert with 15 years’ experience in the field of heritage conservation Member
4 Structural Engineer having experience of 10 years in the field and membership of the Institute of Engineers Member
5 Architects having 10 years’ experience and membership of the Council of Architecture: i) Urban Designer/heritage Conservation Architect Architect shall have experience in conservation architecture Member
6 Director, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Jaipur Member
7 Environmentalist having in depth knowledge and experience of 10 years of subject matter Member
8 City Historian having 10 years’ experience in the field Member
9 Officers of the Municipal Corporation, Jaipur: i) Chief Engineer, JMC ii) Additional Chief Town Planner, JMC Member
10 Superintending Engineer, Amer Development & Management Authority Member
11 Superintending Engineer, Jaipur Smart City Company Ltd. Member
12 Dy. SA, ASI, Jaipur Circle Member
13 Representative of Commissioner, Traffic Police (not below the rank of Dy.S.P.) Member
14 Representative of Managing Director, Tourism Member