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About Heritage Cell - Roles And Functions

Heritage Cell

The heritage cell is established in Nagar Nigam Jaipur Heritage which works on various aspects of Heritage in walled city and buffer area.

Roles, responsibility and functions of Heritage Cell:

  • To identify and prepare list and databank of heritage assets in the city;
  • To comply on guidelines given by UNESCO for Walled City;
  • To prepare specific heritage parameters;
  • To coordinate in preparation and implementation of Heritage Management Plans: identify projects, initiate and guide the project development proposal preparation process;
  • To monitor the heritage conservation projects as permitted by the competent authority;
  • To facilitate proposed adaptive re-use plan of the heritage asset;
  • To suggest improvement of infrastructure upgradation in the Conservation Area;
  • To conduct survey and prepare site/building plan of the any heritage asset and the conservation area declared under these regulations;
  • To make recommendations to the competent authority for grant of permissions;
  • To invite expression of interest or other such mode to identify prosperous investor/developer/Corporates/Business houses etc. from National or International level, to take up the conservation and adaptive re-use of the heritage assets with consent from owner of property/properties;
  • To prepare special designs and guidelines / publications for listed buildings, control of height and essential façade characteristics such as maintenance of special types of balconies and other heritage items of the buildings and to suggest suitable designs adopting appropriate materials for replacement keeping the old form intact to the extent possible
  • To prepare guidelines relating to design elements and conservation principles to be adhered to and to prepare other guidelines for the purposes of this Regulations;
  • To assist the Technical Heritage Committee in discharging the functions as required

The composition of Heritage Cell is as below: -

1 Additional Chief Town Planner Incharge
2 Deputy Commissioner, HME & HMW, NNJH Members
3 Executive Engineer, HME &HMW, JMC Members
4 Assistant Town Planner, HME & HWM, JMC Members
5 Architects having 05 years’ experience and membership of the Council of Architecture: Urban Planner (01) Heritage Conservation Architect (02) Members
6 GIS Expert Members
7 Senior/Deputy Town Planner, JMC Member Secretary